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If you live in the Indianapolis area, chances are pretty high that you’ll have some type of rodent problem at some point. Rats and mice will typically begin a nest and make a home for their family inside of your home. It’s best to detect them before they are able to do this because rodents can multiply quickly, giving you an even bigger rodent problem.

Mice and Rats in Indianapolis, Indiana

The mere thought of rodents is enough to send most of us running but what many don’t realize is just how much of a health hazard rodents can be. They are known to carry diseases including:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Lassa Fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia

While not every rodent will carry a disease, it’s better to take care of them right away once you discover activity in your home or business. In addition to being disease carrying pests, they also cause damage to a home. They will chew through anything that stands in between them and food. They will chew cables, wires, cords and even items you have in your cabinets or closets. It doesn’t have to be food because they also need material to build a nest which is why it isn’t uncommon to find a rodent nest made of shredded and chewed paper.

Rodents don’t need a large space to gain entry into your home. Mice can fit through anything the size of a nickel and rats through anything the size of a half dollar. This is why it’s important to take necessary steps to ensure all entry points are sealed off that could be a potential entry point for rodents.

Our rodent control experts will help identify these entry locations when they come to assess the pest issue. While these are the main places in which a rodent can gain access to your home, they are commonly found in certain areas within the home including:

  • Around doors
  • Around the pipes under sinks and washing machines
  • Near floor vents
  • Between the wall and floor juncture in your attic
  • Inside closets near the floor corners

Preventing Rodents

In order to make sure your rodent issue doesn’t increase or come back you should take preventative measures. This includes locating any small gaps and holes where the rodents might be entering. Fill these holes and gaps with steel wool and caulking or for larger holes try hardware cloth or metal sheeting.

Determining Rodent Activity

There are different ways to determine if rodents are active in your home. The most common evidence is finding droppings in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry or anywhere else in the home. Rodents must gnaw on things to keep their teeth sharpened which is why they chew on things, even if it isn’t food. If you notice signs of gnawing you most likely have a rodent problem on your hands.

Hearing rodents is another common method for determining rodent activity in your home. It’s typically at night that you will hear them scurrying about, scratching or gnawing on something.

If you suspect or have noticed rodent activity in your home or business, give Superb Termite & Pest Control Specialists a call today. We are more than happy to discuss our rodent control options and help develop a treatment plan specifically for your rodent issue.

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